At Kimerling & Wisdom, LLC, the careful management of your finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your business or individual needs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Our accounting and bookkeeping services provide everything from data entry to financial statement preparation and personal and business financial management and planning, as well as advice and assistance with accounting systems, procedures, and computer systems software.

Audit & Attest Services (provided by Ross Wisdom CPA, PLLC)
Ross Wisdom, CPA, PLLC provides a full range of audit and attest services: compilation, review, or audit level financial statements; net worth statements;and financial statement forecasts and attestation letters.

Tax Planning & Preparation
Our tax professionals help clients minimize their tax burden through planning, financial forecasting, and constant monitoring of changes in the tax laws and regulations. We believe the best way to maximize tax savings and increase cash flow is through ongoing tax planning conducted throughout the year. During our review of a client’s most recent tax return and current financial statements, we discuss the client’s goals, plans, and objectives to determine how to combine strategies for the best results. The preparation of federal, state, and local tax returns does not represent the final step in our service, but rather the first step for next year’s planning. We work with clients to assist them in achieving long-term goals and help them shape their financial future.

Among the services we offer are coordination of personal and business tax planning, multi-state tax preparation and planning; advice concerning tax issues; and assistance with payroll and sales taxes.

Tax Problem Resolution
KWLLC has extensive experience in working with federal, state, and local tax agencies at all levels, including appeals and the Taxpayers’ Advocacy Office to resolve tax matters, disputes, and penalties, and /or obtaining reasonable payment terms or offers-in compromise. If you receive a tax notice of any kind, simply fax it to us and we will respond immediately.

Nonprofit Services
KWLLC has years of experience helping nonprofit organizations. We have worked with organizations of all sizes, including arts organizations, voluntary health and welfare organizations, private foundations, religious and educational organizations, civic organizations, public radio networks, public advocacy groups, and others.

To better serve our nonprofit clients’ needs, it is our policy to provide all services at a reduced rate.

Retirement Planning
KWLLC works in conjunction with certified financial planners, investment advisors, and pension consultants to put together a strategic plan that:
  • Provides for a comfortable retirement
  • Provides deferment or reduction of tax liability
  • Builds a college fund
KWLLC uses a variety of tools to achieve the above objectives including:
  • Defined Contribution Plans
    • Money Purchase Pension
    • Profit Sharing (age-based, comparability, permitted disparity)
    • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
  • Defined Benefit Plans – With or without life insurance or other benefits
  • Employee Deferral Plans
    • 401(k) and "individual k"
    • Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE)
  • IRA accounts
  • Section 529 College Savings Plans
    • Health Savings Accounts
    • Long-Term Health Care
  • Tax Deferred Annuities
  • Trusts
Trust & Estate Tax Planning
We provide guidance and assistance in the development of trust and/or estate plans, helping you preserve the assets you’ve accumulated from years of hard work. We estimate your current net worth, and the potential estate tax liability under your existing will. We work closely with you and your attorney, offer suggestions to minimize and/or defer your tax liability, select appropriate fiduciaries, and devise estate distribution or lifetime gifting programs. For business owners, we address issues related to ownership succession of the business, balancing distributions to heirs in and outside of the business, retirement planning and funding, and maintaining the value of the business. We have successfully assisted many families in establishing their trust and estate plans with dramatic reductions in tax liability.

Visit our set of Financial Calculators for quick answers on topics such as your IRA and retirement plans, investments, your child's college tuition, and your mortgage or loan amortization calculations.